Make your ads stand out

Set your ad apart. Highlight reviews, ratings, promotions and drive more qualified traffic to your site.

Product Ratings

Show off your product ratings.

Product Ratings show star ratings on Shopping ads and the Shopping Ads property. These ratings make purchase decisions easier, and help drive more qualified shoppers to your product pages.

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Customer Reviews

Let your customers do the talking.

With Google Customer Reviews collect valuable customer feedback and earn seller ratings that will show up on your search ads and on Shopping Ads.

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Merchant Promotions

Sweeten your deals.

Offer your online promotions as part of your Shopping ads on Google, YouTube, and the web.

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AdSense for Shopping

Put your site to work.

Earn money from ads while helping shoppers find what they’re searching for. AdSense lets you host Shopping on your site, and earn revenue whenever someone clicks on an ad.

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