Glass Help

Follow along the tutorials below to learn the ins and outs of Glass or search the Help Center for a quick answer.

Take Pictures and Video

Capture a moment with high-resolution picture and video. Then make a vignette or share the moment with friends on social media.

Use Glass Hands-free

Activate the Glass display, respond to notifications, and explore other Glass features—all without using your hands.

Use Voice Actions

Got your hands full? Tell Glass to send a message, search the internet, take a picture or one of several other voice actions.

Use Your Timeline

Navigate the timeline to see notifications, Glassware, and other helpful information.

Glass Wifi Setup

screenshot of the wifi card

Connect Glass to the internet through your Android or iOS phone or a computer.

Bluetooth Setup

screenshot of the Glass bluetooth card

Pair with your phone to make and take hands-free calls through Glass.


Activate Glassware to read Gmail messages, listen to music, and receive live updates on sports, stocks, and weather, among other services.


screenshot of the settings card

Get to know the different power states and the best practices to keep Glass going.

Updating Glass Software

screenshot of the software update card

Don’t get left behind. Stay up to date by getting the latest software.

Use Earbuds and Shades

Glass accessories enhance the built-in features of Glass. Add earbuds to amplify what you hear on Glass and add Shades to shield against the sun.